ACCC members

Canaan Center for Organic Research & Extension (CORE) 




NGO Forum on Cambodia

Cambodia Climate Change Network (CCCN)


Aksi! for gender, social and ecological justice


SAEDA, the Sustainable Agriculture & Environment Development Association is non-profit organization of Lao PDR. We envision a future for Lao communities with sustainable improved livelihood in food security and nutrition based on environmentally sound agricultural development.


Myanmar CCWG

Our vision is empowering the citizens to address urgency of climate change and its impacts in Myanmar.  Missions are 1) advocating and campaigning for a constructive policy and regulatory  framework that takes into account the effects of climate change to communities; and 2) transferring scientific knowledge to local language to minimize the vulnerability of peoples and communities due to climate change.  Our goal is to ensure that people are empowered enough to engage in their livelihoods’ improvement within the changing climate.  Our engagement areas include educating people on climate change; conducting capacity building and evidence based- research activities related to climate change impacts and adaptation; and advocating to policy makers, legislators and private sector to create timely information of weather data and other climate change impacts.  We are actively working  in central dry zone; Ayearwaddy Delta Region; and Yangon Region



The Global Environment Centre was established in 1998 to work on environmental issues of global importance. The Centre is registered in Malaysia as a non-profit organization (Reg. no. 473058-T) but works regionally and internationally both directly and through many partners. It supports information exchange and capacity building as well as undertakes strategic projects particularly in developing countries. It works in partnership with other like-minded agencies worldwide. It is active in the fields of climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity, water resources, agriculture and forestry. It has worked actively on issues related to AFOLU including global and regional assessments on peatlands and climate change, sustainable agriculture, forestry and plantation management, REDD+ as well as forest conservation and rehabilitation. GEC coordinates a number of regional and global networks, including the GEF-CSO Network which links organisations in more than 140 countries working to address global environmental issues and is currently the Secretariat for the LEDS AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry and Landuse) Working Group.


Earth Day Network 
Aksyon Klima Pilipinas 
Climate Reality Philippines


Climate Watch Thailand
Climate Watch Thailand is a non governmental and not-for-profit independent organisation acts and advocate to change attitudes and development paradigm to ensure climate justice and development justice –a just, fair and inclusive climate policies and activities towards livable, resilient and sustainable society.  We work to influence government and individual actions to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels while reducing risks, enable resilience and strengthen adaptive capacity and adaptation.  We place our priority on both a healthy environment and development that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland Commission).  Our vision is to ensure the sustainable climate system.  Not only have we been working in Thailand, we are allying with regional and international networks to ensure the protection of atmosphere while allowing for sustainable and equitable development


VN CCWG (Oxfam)



Climate Reality

The ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat (ICLEI SEAS) serves members in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The secretariat has gained recognition from its experience in empowering local governments in the region by designing, promoting, and drawing external support to implement programs on urban resiliency, low emission development, integrated resource management, and other sustainability themes. ICLEI SEAS continuously inspires and invites local governments from provinces, cities, municipalities, and urban regions to forge partnerships for sustainability concerns specifically in terms of addressing climate change vis-Ă -vis urbanization; and encourage them to make this an important consideration in local development planning.