KEY ASKS for CoP 25 Asia Climate Change Consortium December 2019

  Asia hosts many of the low-lying and densely populated cities in the world.  And the recent IPCC Special Report on the Oceans and the Cryosphere raised the alarm of increasing marine heatwaves, sea-level rise, rising ocean heat content, ocean acidification, and the decline of oxygen in the oceans.  Asia also has a vast number […]

A call for a more determined climate action: Policy asks from the Asia Climate Change Consortium

Developing countries in the Asia-Pacific have some of the most exposed populations to climate and disaster risk. Five Southeast Asian countries, namely, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, and, Myanmar, have more than half of their populations residing in high-multi-hazard-risk areas. And, nearly 78% of the population of Bangladesh live in high- risk areas. A CALL FOR […]

What’s New

Climate advocates discuss HFC phasedown with media The role of HFC phasedown in climate action was tackled in the inaugural Climate Café talk held in Ortigas, Pasig City on 27 June.   The Climate Café lecture series endeavors to bring forth climate-related issues to mainstream attention through discussions between technical experts, members of the media, and climate […]