ACCC calls for nature-based solutions through socmed campaign

ACCC, 17 June 2021 – The Asian Climate Change Consortium (ACCC) continues its climate advocacy even during the time of the pandemic through a social media campaign aimed at educating its stakeholders and supporters as well as anyone on social media on the importance of nature-based solutions (NBS).  The campaign is highlighted by a traveler from the future named, Likas, who comes back to our time to warn us of the danger of implementing false solutions that exacerbate environmental and social problems.

NBS is to sustainably deploy the natural capital and bring benefits for both people and the ecosystem without compromise.  The IUCN Global Standard on Nature-based Solutions aims to ensure the application of this approach as credible, and its uptake tracked and measured for adaptive management so that its contributions can inspire others.

ACCC is advocating NBS as it is an eco and people friendly solution that respects the dynamics of nature and the cultures of the peoples in the communities.  It also ensures that the interventions do not add more problems as a result of the implementation. #