Paris agreement

ACCC advocates for temperature limit of 1.5oC, reiterated the urgency of the Paris Agreement. Our work has been guided by science and we are applying trans-disciplinary approach (climate scientists, working with impact scientists, communities and non-government organisations, policy makers) in our advocacy. We are advocating for significantly reducing GHGs emissions and keep the temperature increase to 1.5C or lower, through energy, peatlands, and other short lives climate pollutants e.g. HFCs, while at the same to ensuring community resilience and adaptation.


  • Communicate the science produced by CORDEX SEA in a way that can be understood by different stakeholders and also by communities and decision-makers) so we can ACT on the climate science
  • Ascertain how climate change is changing / affecting ecosystems, vital resources and assets, etc.
  • Determine the risks we will be facing in the near and far future and how we can adapt and be resilient
  • Implementation and increasing ambitions of NDCs


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