ACCC members push for climate advocacy in the time of COVID-19

January 2021 – ACCC and its members continue their climate advocacy despite the COVID_19 pandemic with a fresh mandate and support. With support from Christian Aid, ACCC will pursue an advocacy agenda to to strengthen capacities for climate advocacy in the time of COVID-19 where face to face engagement are no longer the norm in the short term. 

More specifically, ACCC supports its members in their national work such as influencing the NDC process, strengthening the movement-building and campaign on climate action in the light of COVID-19 to ensure that COVID-19 programs do not suppress movement-building and to ensure that climate action is part of the COVID recovery of the national governments. Regionally, ACCC shall engage inter-governmental platforms such as the ASEAN and APEC particularly in their review of emergency and humanitarian response protocols and cooperation in the light of COVID (e.g AADMER) as well as engaging the governments, other stakeholders (e.g. including private sector and banks), and multi-lateral development banks and financial institutions (e.g. ADB, AIIB, WB-IMF).

ACCC envisions a regional civil society organization and its members that is capable of engaging virtually and digitally the regional and sub-regional actors for climate action from the NDCs to championing of rights of people in the communities for resilience in COVID-19 scenario. Moreover, this project ultimately aims to influence regional and sub-regional actors for climate action and resilience-building.

Finally, as of this month, Aksyon Klima Pilipinas through its member, Rice Watch Action Network, Inc. (RWAN), takes over the secretariat role of Asia Climate Change Consortium from Community Crafts Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CCAP).  CCAP held the role in 2020 and was able to successfully carry out the plans especially in strengthening the coordination of members as well as developing and maintaining the online presence of ACCC.#